Resident Benefits


At JRFS, we pride ourselves on providing one of the most innovative continuums of care for adults with disabilities in the country. Our continuum of services allows for various levels of monitoring and supervision and an easy transition between programs when a resident’s functional level changes. Residents in both programs socialize with one another and feel part of a larger community. People are not static. Needs change across time. The key to increasing independence for adults with disabilities is to find the right “fit” of structures and supports, which can and do vary across time.


All Residents Benefit From:

  • Board Certified On-Staff Expert Medical Director
  • Two Board Certified On-Staff Psychiatrists
  • Ivy League Educated full-time Clinical Director
  • Professional Licensed Counseling Staff
  • Facilitated Medical & Psychiatric Care
  • Vocational Coordination & Programs
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Participation in Community Programs & Events