Levine Jewish Residential & Family ServiceProgram Directors


Doreen Mullings
Residential Programs Director

Doreen Mullings is a  true pioneer in our residential program having started September 27, 1998. She was here to hire the staff, decorate and welcome the very first residents to Friedman Goldfeld Residence Group Home on November 1, 1998.  Doreen has been in leadership roles within our organization ever since. Doreen watched the building of Dekelboum Residence Group Home, which opened March of 2000.

“I have been in this field for 40 years.  I appreciate having the opportunity to help others who need some support and guidance so that they can become as independent and live as ‘normal a life’ as possible.  I believe in encouraging our residents to find what they are capable of accomplishing and then helping them achieve those goals.  Once certain goals are achieved, there are others to strive for.  It may take some people longer than others, but helping our residents grow and succeed is so rewarding for everyone involved.  I appreciate the opportunity to coach our staff so that they also, are able to guide and enjoy the successes of our residents. “ 


Mansun Bradshaw
Apartment Program Director

Mansun Bradshaw has been with LJRFS since 2003.  He has proven his dedication time and time again and has been promoted to various positions within the residential program. Some of our residents refer to Mansun as “The big brother I never had." This is a testament to Mansun's commitment to residents and staff members alike. Mansun consistently goes "above and beyond" to make the Apartment Program an even better experience for all those who frequent it.

"Knowing that I am helping someone achieve success in life gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  It doesn’t matter what has gone on before, seeing our residents smile and interact with me and the others in our residential programs makes my day.  All of our residents, no matter what their background may be, are able to set goals and achieve them. I appreciate the opportunity to guide and encourage and celebrate accomplishments with both our staff and our residents. This is what it’s all about and that’s why I am here." 


Wesley Skerven
Group Homes Supervisor

Wesley Skerven began his career with LJRFS in February, 2010.  He is proud of the 14 years he has been in the health care industry and thankful for the professional growth opportunities, support, training and encouragement he has received as an integral member of the Levine Jewish Residential staff.    

“I enjoy helping our residents in their day to day experiences. Along with insuring that all of our residents are provided with the necessities to have happy and have fulfilling lives, it is important for me to provide everyone with some personal time when we can sit down individually and discuss issues that are important to that particular resident.  I am so proud of the residents who have ‘graduated’ from our group home and are now happily living in our LJRFS Supported Independent Living Apartment program.”



Ralph Pittman
Activities Director

Ralph Pittman, who has been on our residential staff since 2002, brings muliple talents to our residential team. He is an accomplished pianist, vocalist, choir leader and tennis coach. The activities calendar, which is created by Ralph, (with input from all of our residents) is filled with interactive, experiential, learning and fun activities.

"As Director of Activities for Jewish Residential and Family Services, my duties and responsibilities include planning activities encompassing religious, cultural arts, sporting and other entertainment venues. It is my desire to plan activities based on everyone’s interest and ensure they have a magnificent experience. My mission is to garner a sense of unity, belonging and mutual respect as well as create a special bond and relationship with each and every resident and their respective families."