A Letter from our Clinical Director

As the Clinical Director of the Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service, I am honored to work with families who have devoted their lives to creating the best possible world for their loved one with special needs. I never lose sight of the enormity of the decision to transition an individual with a disability to a residence outside of their parents’ home. Every individual, regardless of disability, is unique. Each resident has entered our program with a long history of individual challenges, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, skills, talents, and interests. It is our responsibility to work with families to create individualized programming that maximizes the highest level of functioning of our residents. We are deeply committed to creating excellent, quality services that allow for individual growth within a secure, loving, respectful environment.

I have had countless opportunities to sit with families, sharing tears and hearing the pain and loss that can accompany raising a child with a disability. But, on more occasions, I have had the pleasure of sharing the sheer joy that comes when seeing the growth and success of that same person.

I am pleased that you have chosen to take the time to learn about the Levine Jewish Residential and Family Service. We truly stand by our philosophy of working with individuals and their families to identify the right balance of structure and support to promote self confidence and increased independence. I welcome the opportunity to speak personally with you, and invite you to tour our facilities. If, after we meet, we determine a good match, we would love the opportunity for you to continue to respond to the needs of your family by becoming a part of ours.


Elaine R. Rotenberg, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
Levine Jewish Residential & Family Service